Inspiring performance since 1911. Over one hundred years of music, speech, drama and dance.

Woodwind, Recorder, Brass and Percussion

Woodwind and Brass Concerto
1: Daniel Ogilvie, 2: Fergus Butt, 3: Jamie McClenaghan.

Modern Woodwind and Brass Solos
1: Raj Bhaumik, 2: Katie Holton, 2: Jamie McClenaghan.

Woodwind and Brass Sonata
1: Euan Kemp, 2: Katie Holton, 3: Lucy Deng.

Woodwind and Brass Solos – Premier
Freya Campbell

Woodwind Solos – Open
1: Lucy Rowan, 2: Fergus Butt, 2: Jamie McClenaghan.

Woodwind Solos A
1: Autumn Clark, 2: Theodora Gherghe, 3: Mi Li.

Woodwind Solos B
1: Max Allan, 2: Asher Coleman-Smith.

Woodwind Solos C
1: Heidi Garbutt, 2: Mairi Nicholson, 3: Millie Boothman, 3: Sebastian Watson.

Brass Solos – Open
1: Freya Campbell, 2: Ross Donaldson, 2: Mia Glegg.

Brass Solos A
1: Lucy Arbuckle, 2: Magnus Campbell.

Brass Solos B
1: Eryn Furie.

Woodwind Ensembles A
1: Douglas Academy Sextet.

Brass Ensembles A
1: Douglas Academy Brass Quintet.

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