Inspiring performance since 1911. Over one hundred years of music, speech, drama and dance.

Wednesday 6 March to Saturday 16 March 2024

Ten wonderful days of performances in Music, Speech & Drama and Scottish Country Dancing, led to the conclusion of the one hundred and twelfth Glasgow Music Festival on Saturday 16 March 2024, with the Last Night Concert featuring some stunning performances.

Entries from choirs and instrumental groups continue to increase and we would be delighted to see even more large groups – both new to the Festival and returning – at next year’s Festival. Audiences were, as always, supportive and enthusiastic and the whole event was greatly enjoyed by everyone involved: performers, adjudicators, accompanists, audiences, stewards and administrators.

The team of adjudicators comprised Jonathan Rea, Andrew Sherwood, Timothy McCarthy and Les Lambert. All offered much constructive advice and encouragement. Performers were well supported by our team of Official Accompanists: Stephen Adam, Chris Baxter, Hebba Benyaghla, Jia Ning Ng, Claire Haslin, Joseph McIlree and Matthew McIlree. Accordionist, Martainn Skene, provided music for Scottish country dancing.

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Equal Opportunities Statement Glasgow Music Festival operates an equal opportunities policy whereby no person by reason of religious belief, political opinion, sex, marital status, race, colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability is treated less favourably nor is disadvantaged for those reasons by conditions or requirements which cannot be justified. This Festival is committed to implementing policies designed to promote equality of opportunity, to secure fair participation for any under-represented group and to reject absolutely unlawful discrimination of any kind.

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