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Festival Privacy Notice

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Glasgow Music Festival is a limited company, registered in Scotland, number SC509953. It is a not-for-profit company and has no paid employees. Everyone involved in the activities of the company, including the company’s officers and members, is a volunteer. In this privacy notice, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to the company; “the Festival” means the event.

The company undertakes all tasks and enters into all arrangements that are concerned or connected with organising and running the Festival. From time to time, it may hold other events. The Festival, and any other events, are held for the benefit of performers or participants individually and collectively. Pursuit of these legitimate interests provides the lawful basis for the company’s processing of personal data. The company is the data controller.

This notice explains what data we collect and what we do with it. We collect personal data of performers, entry sponsors, volunteers, suppliers and service providers, and others who enter into arrangements with us. We collect only the personal data we require, and take reasonable and appropriate steps to keep it secure and to use it only as described in this privacy notice. Save as may be required by law, we do not share personal data we collect, other than in the limited circumstances which are set out in this notice.

To aid understanding, and to direct a reader to content that may be relevant, we have divided the information into sections on the basis of how people interact with us. Please read relevant sections carefully. The final section provides details of the rights that every person has in respect of our processing of their personal data, and also explains how to contact us. In that section, “you” and “your” refer to people in respect of whom we process personal data.

Performers and Entry Sponsors

We collect personal data of entry sponsors and/or performers when an entry is submitted, updated or amended. An entry is an application to take part in an event at the Festival. The data we collect from entry sponsors and/or performers is explicitly provided by them. In addition to that data, we keep records of whether or not a performer takes part in the event(s) for which they were entered and, if a performer takes part on a competitive basis, the mark attained for the performance.
We use this data:

  1. to confirm a performer’s eligibility –
    1. to participate in the event to which the entry relates,
    2. to qualify for any available certificate(s), trophy or award(s), and,
    3. where applicable, to participate in related event(s) for which a performer may qualify;
  2. to make and communicate all arrangements necessary for a performer to participate in the event(s) in which they have been entered, and in any further event(s) for which they may become eligible;
  3. to prepare and publish programmes;
  4. for results dissemination, where applicable;
  5. to advise an entry sponsor or performer of a further opportunity to practise and develop performance skills that may become available; and
  6. for stewardship, administrative and management purposes.

We include names of performers, titles of works to be performed and, where applicable, names of conductors/directors of ensembles in published programmes. We do not include names of individual participants in ensembles, except where the name of a participant forms part of the name of a performing ensemble. Festival programmes are publicly available in printed and digital formats.

We publish, and share with news media and other interested parties, names of performers gaining certificates, trophies and awards as a result of attainment in an event or group of events. This does not apply where a performer has entered a non-competitive event, or where a performer, or an entry sponsor, has advised the Festival Secretary that a performer is to take part on a non-competitive basis. The names of performers gaining trophies and awards are usually also published in the programme of the next festival. In certain circumstances, performers’ names may be added to historical lists of winners published in programmes. For archive purposes, we maintain historical lists of winners of many trophies and awards.

Occasionally, we may obtain photographs of performers with a view to publishing these. Prior to publication, the relevant entry sponsor(s) and/or performer(s) will be given the opportunity to opt out of having a photograph used in this way. If an entry sponsor or performer opts out we will not retain a copy of the photograph.

We believe that we process personal data only in ways that would reasonably be expected of us and, therefore, that our processing is uncontroversial. Without prejudice to anybody’s rights in law, if there are individual circumstances which mean that any part of our processing might cause difficulty for a performer, that situation should be brought to the Festival Secretary’s attention as soon as possible. We aim to make the Festival’s amateur performance opportunities open to all, and we will always try to accommodate individual circumstances where it is practicable and equitable for us to do so.

With the exception of historical listings of the names of trophy and award winners, we retain entry sponsors’ and performers’ data in our automated and manual filing systems for 3 years.


When someone volunteers to work with us, we collect that person’s name and contact details. We may also collect information about their availability and preferences relating to duties they are prepared to undertake. This information may be given to us by the volunteer or by another person with the volunteer’s agreement. We keep a record of when a person first undertook voluntary work with us and we collect information to assist us to allocate tasks appropriately. We keep records of volunteers in attendance at every session during the Festival and the duty assigned to each volunteer at that session. The volunteer records attendance by signing in.
We use the data:

We do not share contact details of a volunteer except in the following cases where it is necessary for the performance of the duties undertaken by the volunteer. Contact details of volunteers who are also directors or members of the company, or who otherwise undertake an administrative role for the company, are shared with the directors, members of the company and administrators for governance purposes and for the purposes of managing and administrating the company’s activities. Where a volunteer undertakes a role that requires communication with other parties, we will share appropriately the name and relevant contact details of the volunteer in order for that communication to take place in the manner intended. In festival and event programmes, and in other media, we may list the names of volunteers who are honorary officers of the company or who have responsibility, individually or collectively, for managing aspects of the company’s activities.

A person who wishes to cease being a volunteer should advise us accordingly, and their contact details will be removed from our records. An opt out is also provided for this purpose each time a volunteer is notified of volunteering opportunities.

Individuals who provide goods and/or services to us

Where an individual provides services and/or goods to us in return for payment or other consideration, the name and contact details of that individual will be used for making and communicating all arrangements which, in our opinion, are required for the satisfactory provision of the services and/or goods. Any bank account details provided to us by an individual in order to facilitate payment for services and/or goods will be used by us solely for the purpose of effecting payment(s). We may provide the name and contact details of such an individual to another person who has expressed interest in obtaining similar goods or services unless the individual has advised us that the contact details should not be shared in this way.

We hold this data only for as long as arrangements are in place or may be contemplated.

Where we hold personal data of other individuals

Where personal data is provided to us in connection with any arrangement not otherwise covered in this notice, that data will be used only for the purposes of bringing about that arrangement and, where appropriate, for procuring or attempting to procure its recurrence. This also applies to personal data provided to us in connection with a supplier or advertiser. We hold this data only for as long as arrangements are in place or may be contemplated.

Your rights under data protection law

We recognise and respect that you have a right to request:

You also have a right to object to our processing of your personal data.
You have a right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. The Information Commissioner’s Office can be contacted at or by telephone on 0303 123 1113.
The postal address is:
Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, WILMSLOW, SK9 5AF
If you do have a concern about our processing we would hope that, if appropriate, you would raise it with us in the first instance.
If you wish to contact us about any matter related to this notice, please contact the General Secretary, Laura McEwan. She may be contacted by email,, or by post at

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