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Festival 2023

Following nine days of performances in Music, Speech & Drama and Scottish Country Dancing, the one hundred and eleventh Glasgow Music Festival ended on Saturday 18 March 2023 with the Last Night Concert featuring some outstanding performances.

We were delighted to see a gradual increase in the number of choirs and larger instrumental groups taking part and hope that this will encourage others to join us at next year’s Festival. Audiences were, as always, supportive and enthusiastic and the whole event was greatly enjoyed by everyone involved: performers, adjudicators, accompanists, audiences, stewards and administrators.

The team of adjudicators comprising Timothy Barratt, Stephen Adam, Heather Yule, Avril Smillie, and Brian Marjoribanks who very kindly stepped in at the last minute to cover for Tish Nicoll who was unable to attend, all offered much constructive advice and encouragement. Performers were well supported by our team of Official Accompanists: Chris Baxter, Hebba Benyaghla, Susan Frank, Claire Haslin and Matthew McIlree. Accordionist, Susan MacFadyen, provided music for Scottish country dancing.

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