Established in 1911. Over one hundred years of music, speech, drama and dance.

A Platform for Performance

Glasgow Music Festival is an annual festival of music, speech, drama and dance first held in 1911. Each year around 7,000 performers take part in the festival which takes place in March. The next Festival will run from 6 March until 20 March 2021.


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Festival 2021 


These are challenging times for many people and not least for those involved in performing arts. At the moment, we can’t be certain it will be possible to hold a festival in March 2021, but we are resolved to do everything we can to make performance opportunities available for everyone who is able to take part. We are working hard to plan and organise the 2021 Festival and, in conjunction with our venues, for it to be held in a safe and compliant environment.
We know we’re not able to offer all of the usual classes. Unfortunately, there are no classes for choirs, but singers can enter the full range of solo and duet classes. In addition, younger singers can try out the new ‘Share a Song’ class. For instrumentalists, there is the full range of solo and small ensemble classes but sadly no classes for orchestras and bands. Most Speech and Drama events are retained, and all Scottish Country Dancing classes are included as usual.
As we approach the time of the Festival, we will keep arrangements under review and inform you if any plans need to change. Meantime, please submit entries. We have made special arrangements for the 2021 Festival so we can refund entry fees in full should events be cancelled.




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2021 Festival

Welcome to the  Glasgow Music Festival website. The 2021 festival will run from about 6th March to 20th March 2021. We hope you find the website useful and pleasant to use. Regardless of whether you are performing at the festival or wanting to view an event, you’ll find everything you need to know right here. To keep up to date with all Festival news, please like our Facebook page

Download the Glasgow Music Festival Syllabus

Everything you need to know about the festival in one comprehensive, printable document

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The Festival covers a wide range of music including classical, folk, jazz, rock and traditional Scottish music. There are events for solo singers, instrumentalists and ensembles.


Scottish Country Dancing events, presented in association with the Glasgow Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, will take place on Saturday 6 March.

Speech & Drama

Speech and Drama events feature mainly, but by no means exclusively, our younger performers. These events will be held from Saturday 13 to Monday 15 March and Performers will demonstrate their skills in verse, prose, public speaking and drama