Established in 1911. Over one hundred years of music, speech, drama and dance.

Strings – Classes 112 to 165

Class 116 String Solos Premier:

1st: Annie Walton.

Class 112 String Solos – Unaccompanied Bach:

1st: Annie Walton, 2 Dòmhnall MacGriogair, 3 Nina Doig.

113 String Concerto:

1st: Annie Walton, 2 Chun-Yi Kang, 3 Beth Peat.

Class 115 String Sonata:

1st: Yvonne Zhou, 2 Nina Doig, 2 Beth Peat.

Class 118 Violin Solos – Open:

1st: Chun-Yi Kang, 2 Yvonne Zhou, 3 Fraser Hannah, 3 Beth Peat.

120 Violin Solos B:

1st Owen Pak Ming Lai.

Class 121 Violin Solos C:

1st: Caitlin Ke, 2 Rebecca Greig.

Class 122 Violin Solos D:

1st: Olivia Ren, 2 Raymond Zhang, 3 Caroline Pugliese.

Class 123 Violin Solos E:

1st: Nathan Corbet

Class 124 Violin Solos F:

1st: Hannah Zhang, 2 Alex Ren.

Class 125 Violin Solos G:

1st: Miren McDonagh.

Class 128 Viola Solos B:

1st: Gina Wright.

Class 134 Cello Solos – Open:

1st: Mari MacGregor, 2 Roshni Bhaumik, 3 Calum Campbell.

Class 135 Cello Solos A:

1st: David Postatny.

Class 138 Cello Solos D:

1st: Matthew Clarkson.

Class 150 Scots Fiddle Solos – Open:

1st: Zoe Drysdale.

Class 151 Scots Fiddle Solos A:

1st: Theo Wilson.

Class 154 Guitar Solos – Open:

1st: James McCorkindale.

Class 155 Guitar Solos A:

1st: Radoslava Kiryakova, 2 Alasdair MacGregor.

Class 156 Guitar Solos B:

1st: James Embleton

Class 160 Clàrsach Solos A:

1st: Maya Marshall, 2 Maria Monk, 3 Amy Darroch.

Class 161 Clàrsach Solos B:

1st: Millie Shuttleworth.

Class 163 Non-traditional Clàrsach/Pedal Harp Solos – Open:

1st: Leila Osmond.

Class 164 Non-traditional Clàrsach/Pedal Harp Solos A:

1st: Amélie MacKay.

Class 165 Non-traditional Clàrsach/Pedal Harp Solos B:

1st: Emma Kelly.

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