Established in 1911. Over one hundred years of music, speech, drama and dance.

Woodwind, Recorder, Brass and Percussion – Classes 165 to 194

Class 165 – Woodwind and Brass Concerto

1st Campbell Lang

Class 166 – Modern Woodwind and Brass Solos

1st Duncan Fraser

Class 167 – Woodwind and Brass Sonata

1st Katrina Mulheran

Class 168 – Woodwind and Brass Solos – Premier

Campbell Lang

Class 171 – Woodwind Solos –

1st Christopher Vettraino

Class 172 – Woodwind Solos A

1st Raj Bhaumik

Class 173 – Woodwind Solos B

1st Hannah Burnett-Godfree

Class 174 – Woodwind Solos C

1st Katey Dixon

Class 179 – Recorder Solos D

1st Chrissie Ntamashimikiro

Class 180 – Brass Solos – Open

1st Alec Ross

Class 181 – Brass Solos A

1st Erin Black

Class 182 – Brass Solos B

1st  Ciara Thomson

Class 183 – Brass Solos C

1st Leo Storey

Class 184 – Woodwind Ensembles

1st Douglas Academy Wind Trio

Class 185 – Woodwind Ensembles B

1st Hyndland Flute Ensemble

Class 186 – Brass Ensembles A

1st Williamwood Horn Trio

Class 187 – Brass Ensembles B

1st Cathkin High School Brass Group


Class 189 – Orchestral Percussion Ensembles

1st South Lanarkshire Schools’ Percussion Ensemble


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