Established in 1911. Over one hundred years of music, speech, drama and dance.

Choirs and Ensembles – Classes 1 to 37

Class 1 – Female Voice Choirs

1st Exalt

Class 2 – Male Voice Choirs

1st Close Shave Chorus

Class 3 – Mixed Voice Choirs

1st Merchant Voices

Class 11 – Junior Choirs (under 14)

1st Glasgow Youth Choir Junior Section

Class 13 – Junior Choirs (under 10) 

1st Glasgow Youth Choir

Class 15 Youth Choirs – Scots Song (under 19)

1st Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir.

Class 19 –  School Choirs – Mixed Voices

1st Douglas Academy Senior Choir

Class 20 – School Choirs (Girls)

1st Castlehead High School Senior Choir

Class 21 – School Choirs (Boys)

1st The Glasgow Academy Senior Boys’ Choir

Class 22 – School Choirs (S3 and under)

1st Kelvinside Academy Intermediate Choir

Class 25 – School Chamber Choirs

1st Douglas Academy Chamber Choir

Class 26.1 – Primary School Choirs – (I)

1st St Teresa’s Primary

Class 26.2 – Primary School Choirs – (II)

1st Woodhead Primary

Class 26.3 – Primary School Choirs (III)

1st Knowtop Primary

Class 27 – Primary School Choirs – Boys

1st St Aloysius’ College Junior School Boys’ Choir

Class 28 – Primary School Choirs – (5 and under)

1st St Aloysius’ College Training Choir

Class 29 Primary School Choirs (P1 and 2)

1st St Aloysius’ College Infant Choir

Class 30.1 Primary School Choirs – Hymn Singing (I)

1st St Teresa’s Primary

Class 30.2 Primary School Choirs – Hymn Singing (2)

1st St Bridget’s Primary

Class 31 – Primary School Choirs – Scots Song

1st St Aloysius’ College Scots Choir

Class 36 Intermediate Vocal Ensembles



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